Thursday, August 10, 2017

MASSIVE SCANDAL: Investigators Discovered Something Sinister About The Obama White House

President Trump’s team of investigators just found something in the White House that could potentially take down Lynch, Clinton, Comey, and Obama. It is so bad that Trump’s lawyer, Jay Sekulow, warned them to “get a good attorney”.
We all know about the Lynch-Clinton scandal where Lynch claimed that it was a personal meeting. Sekulow now has strong evidence that could incriminate Obama and Lynch for a massive cover up.
Jay Sekulow’s son, Jordan Sekulow, who is also an attorney wrote on the ACLJ website, “Our federal lawsuit against the DOJ bureaucracy over the secret meeting between former Attorney General Lynch and former President Clinton has already unearthed documents proving the FBI lied that it had ‘no’ documents, that the media was colluding with the Obama DOJ to bury the story, and that AG Lynch (AKA Elizabeth Carlisle) was using a secret email address to conduct official business. Now we’ve uncovered that the White House was involved.” He also says, “So within 2 minutes of learning that the press had found out about the secret Clinton-Lynch meeting, senior DOJ officials knew they had a crisis on their hands.”
What does this mean?
This means that James Comey lied when Hillary was cleared from all the charges. But that isn’t all. Dianne Feinstein, Top Senior Democrat, takes charge of the Senate Intel investigation into Lynch meeting with Bill Clinton. She was involved with the emails also, especially Feinstein’s Deputy Counsel, Paige Herwig. Paige Herwig was the one who covered up for Lynch as she was also working for her.
Feinstein is pretending to be investigating the matter but knows all about the cover-up. Jay Sekulow angrily spoke out about this on the Sean Hannity Show when he said:
“The conflict of interest is astounding. Committee staff [Dianne Feinstein, Paige Herwig] who are supposedly investigating this [tarmac] situation were the same people creating the talking points [Loretta Lynch, Paige Herwig] – Obama loyalists investigating themselves.”
Sekulow made an implication that Trump’s reaction was, “Yeah, Barack Obama better get a good attorney.” But Obama isn’t the only one who’s going to need a good attorney. Being that Lynch was forwarding the emails which plotted the cover-up to the FBI. The name is blacked out, but we all know it’s James Comey.
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  1. I do not understand why someone does not step in and get rid of Mueller, because from what I have been reading, Mueller has got criminal things against him! How can a criminal be investigating our President? Ridiculous and we all know he is on a witch hunt and that Soros, Clinton, Obama are paying him major bucks to do this! Mueller looks like a snake in the grass! The Democratic party is lined with criminals and I do not think the surface has been scratched! We are ready to see our gov. Prosecute some of these very corrupt criminals in their party! There are laws we all must follow and those laws do not exclude Obama, Hillary, Feinstein, Schiff, Soros, Franken, and their list is much longer! We want to see action and we want the Republucans to get behind President Trump or we will all be working against the Never Trumpers, Kristol, McCain, and why do people keep referring to McCain as a Hero! He is anything but a Hero! He was responsible for some 134 military guys when he was in and they said he was a horrible Pilot and this accident where these guys were all killed was no accident as he wanted to do something with the plane that he knew was not suppose to ve done or the plane could be blown up and that is exactly what he did! He is another criminal, for goung to ither cou tries nd tslking against our gov, called Treason!

  2. Fire Mueller and do it now. He is up to no good

    1. He is am old Hillary and Bill cronie, plus he is tight with Comey. We know all of them are dirty, so Mueller is in the pot with them. Fire HIM!

  3. Why hasnt Sessions gone after Obama? We know he is working against this administration from the house he has moved into down the street from the WH. The longer he is left to go about his unlawful actions the harder it is going to be to have the idiots on the left to see how corrupt he is. He and Clinton are both involved in attacking this administration. WE know Soros is behind all of it. He is using his money to try and destroy this country.
    One of the biggest problems we are having with DC is most of them have been on the receiving end of Soros funding at some point. NO doubt, they are being blackmailed, which is why they couldnt stand up to obama. As much as I hate to think it, I feel some of the long time Republicans are at his mercy to. Those who have been in office for years become corrupted. They start believing they are above the law. They get use to taking money for their votes and sell the country down the river. If they fear Trump, that is why.